Kalla Series by Amber Morant – A Review

Kalla Series

by Amber Morant


Kalla and the Abyss

Kalla and the Abyss

Held captive, without a single memory beyond her name, Kalla is tortured and used as an evil scientist’s guinea pig.

To find out more about Kalla’s fate click here

.•°¤*Banshee’s Review.•°¤*

3.5 screams

I received a request for a review when I had some free time, which of course I penciled into my review schedule… otherwise I would have forgotten immediately (mom brain). I was excited to start a new adventure with Kalla and the Abyss, next on my TBR list.  In the beginning I had no idea that this was a short story, then again I didn’t even know the book’s name before messaging Amber Morant (the author) to let her know I had some free time. I suppose I could have reader-stalked her and her work prior to the fact, but half of the fun is not knowing what to expect. In hindsight; I would have let Amber know I was ready for a review copy as soon as she had offered it. I didn’t know that it was a short story; the first part of a serial even.

I prepared my late night salty snack, coupled with a chocolaty treat – all key factors in full reading immersion. I was ready to read.

I never once touched my snacks, I was sucked in the moment I read the first paragraph, and before I knew it I was left swiping the screen eager to read more… but there was nothing left to read. I purchased,part two in the serial trilogy. I wanted more and needed answers.

I probably would have rated this read higher had I known that it was a micro read in the beginning. There were some editing errors, or it could have been a dialect issue – US vs UK.

Kalla Demented (Kalla Series book 2)

kalla demented

Kalla Demented picks up right where Kalla and the Abyss left off, with a lot more excitement you can one-click book 2 here.

.•°¤*Banshee’s Review.•°¤*

4 screams

After reading Amber Morant’s first short story, Kalla and the Abyss, I immediately one-clicked and started on book 2, Kalla Demented. It starts off where Kalla and the Abyss ended with much more to read, and a lot more action. I actually surprised myself while reading the last half of Kalla Demented, I spent an entire 40 minutes on the elliptical, without even noticing.. I was just that drawn into the story. I am excited for part 3’s pending release. I need more Kalla!

Amber Morant’s Links:

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Kalla and the Abyss (Kalla Series book 1): http://amzn.to/1eBvE1Q

Kalla Demented (Kalla Series book 2): http://amzn.to/1U7S9LU

The 3rd and final installment in the Kalla Series is in the works.

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