Naughty Naughty Mattress Monkey – A Review

Naughty Naughty Mattress Monkey

Ellay Branton

Naughty Naughty Mattress Monkeysynopsis

“Viola Winters has finally settled into a peaceful life after years of dealing with emotional instability. As the live-in housekeeper of a very busy globetrotter, she has a swanky address, really great coffee, and quiet mornings.

Except for this one.

Hank Dresden (aka Hank the Hunk) is a little cranky. He was just helping out his brother with a little remodeling while James was away on a business trip. So maybe he did swing his hammer a little early (ahem)… he had no idea it would bring on a sexy, mouthy woman heartin a soaked shirt… or a house fire!

With the interference of their matchmaking brothers – and the help of two very naughty sock monkeys – Viola and Hank discover the sparks that fly between them cause a whole different kind of fire. But Viola’s much more fragile than she seems, and Hank’s never been known for mincing words.heart

If Viola gives her heart to Hank, will she get the happily-ever-after she never dared hope for? Or will she lose the security and peace she’s finally achieved?

Note: Adult themes including emotional distress triggers and graphic sexual situations. For readers (and sock monkeys!) 18+” – synopsis borrowed from the book’s amazon page.

Banshee's Review5 Screams

I had promised myself that I would go to bed  at a decent time last night, those plans were obliterated the moment I started reading Naughty Naughty Mattress Monkey.

Before chapter 2 had even begun I was stifling my laughter as I read, and then chapter 2 abruptly dropped the hammer down – a meat hammer, no less. I was in a silent, hysterical tizzy.

But it was not just the hysterical and colorful writing that completely had me inundated, there’s  so much more than the witty humor, there’s an actual story here. A myriad of emotions  will plunge you into a fit of giggles, reel you back in just to let you plummet into the characters struggles, and then dip you into the throws of lusty passion – Holy Hot Steamy Goodness – I may or may not have needed a cigarette after a certain chapter. * Waggles Eyebrows*

Ellay was able to use dry humor, and quick wit to build her characters while simultaneously unleashing an entirely new vulnerable side to them. I love all of the characters in Naughty Naughty Mattress Monkey, Ellay, Please write me into the next book so I can “live” with them forever!? Please???

There was one moment that my heart  brimmed and constricted synchronously, as I read, nearly feeling exactly what Viola was feeling. Harboring a residual tightness in my chest as the story continued on, then as if nothing had happened, relief washed over me. Needless to say, I felt connected to these characters.

sock monkey circle see no evil                                                                                        FAVORITE QUOTE:                                                                                                “He fell asleep with his arms around her, protecting that little spark with all of his heart.” – Naughty Naughty Matters Monkey by Ellay Branton



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