Banshee News and Ramblings for 8/30/15

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I want to THANK ALL 704 OF YOU who like the Book Banshee Facebook page, message me there, participate, and comment. You are all so amazing! I love connecting with you guys.

To be completely honest you are what keeps me motivated to continue on, not that I need much motivation to continue doing what I love. 

The only regret that I may have is I don’t get to spend as much time as I would like in our conversations, and getting to know you better. I enjoy that part of running the page so much!

I am ALL booked up for reviews for September. This is the first time I have EVER put a cap on reviews! You can still email/pm me for a review, but I won’t be ready to accept any review requests until the end of September (beginning of October).

stopwatch-259375_1280My reading time has taken a HUGE hit with my little ones back in school (two different pick up and drop of times), that coupled with my 7 year old starting cross-country this week. It is going to be BUSY around these parts. I am excited, and so is my oldest daughter. Friday was the first “meet” and DD (dear daughter) started at the back of the pack, she finished 4th out of 25. I just hope her endurance stands up when they start running 3 laps vs the 1.

I am continuing the “Author of the Day” posts on Facebook:, when I get bored with it I will close the post, continue the postings, and start thinking of a new plan.

I am eliminating TSU as of right now unless otherwise asked to post there as well, I don’t have a following built up there at all… and I think I should just focus on one social media avenue at a time. I am not closing the TSU account,but waiting for it to take off…. I am still on Twitter and Pinterest and will work on building the followings there, and being more active on those sites as well.

Oh and I am also working on making sure ALL of my reviews are on the good reads… I am catching up

If you have any comments/feedback for me please post HERE, or message/email me. I am always up for new ideas, better ways to help authors, and better ways to connect with readers.

I hope you have all had a great weekend. I am just closing my Sunday up for now, and it has been an interesting last few days to say the least….

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