Forever Marked by Lady J – Interview with the antagonist (Giddeon)

Book Banshee enters a Scottish prison for an interview with Giddeon

The antagonist from Lady J’s novel, Forever Marked

Forever Marked

I straighten my jacket as I make my way to the front doors of the Skye Prison. From a distance, it looked exactly like a medieval fortress removed from a near by castle. I’d been vacationing in Scotland when I heard the locals’ whispers about an American who had been jailed here. My inner journalist instantly jumped forward, and I started listening to the hushed conversations a little harder.

My palms started sweating at the thought of interviewing my first criminal.  I walked through the prison doors, announced my arrival and who I was there to see. An older man prison-553836_1280greeted me with a stern look, “Ten minutes, nae mair than ‘at!” he said as escorted me down the dimply lit passageway. He stopped in front of a cell in the darkest corner of the prison and rapped on the bars with his baton. “Giddeon, yoo’ve got yerself a visitur.” The old man looked at me pointedly, “Ten minutes.”

I nodded my head, swallowing hard.

I introduced myself to Giddeon as an American journalist and started on my questioning right away, hoping I wouldn’t be walking away empty handed.

 How did you come to work for Dalton?

I was hanging outside a few shops in Downtown Syracuse and picked a fight with this ridiculous meat-head outside a club. It just so happened to be Dalton’s club and bouncer.

What was it like to work for him?

He paid a good wage and looked the other way when I did stupid shit. In fact he kind of encouraged me. He had an incredible dark side, just like me. Which is why he probably hired me to begin with. I get things done.

Do you feel any remorse for what happened to Ellora’s parents?

At first I was just pissed that I fucked up so badly. But in the end I know what it feels like to have your parents ripped away from you. I know that kind of raw pain.

What went through your mind when you first encountered Behr?

Finally. An adversary that can measure up. The fight won’t be over so quickly. I like to draw it out, I live for the challenge.

What angered you so much about Ellora that had you basically seething with hatred?

That she kept fighting back. If she fights back the monster in me won’t be satisfied until I end you. And I really didn’t want to do that. But the real reason is she has everything I’ve ever wanted and couldn’t have. Bravery, strength through difficult times, love. She had love. I don’t even know what that’s like.

What do you think Dalton has planned next?

He won’t stop until Ellora is in his arms. He will go after her. Dalton always wins.

“Yer time is up, lassie.” The old man announced from behind me. I nodded again in his direction, and followed him out of the holding area and to the doors leading out of the prison. I didn’t get enough time, but this will have to do…


**This interview was conducted by book banshee and Lady J, book banshee had some fun and inserted the italicized background story for entertainment purposes only, this has nothing to do with the book other than the character interview.**

A special thank you to Lady J for allowing me, Book Banshee, to interview Giddeon. I am hoping *and looking forward* to landing an interview with Dalton in the future.

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