Hell Hall A Short Story by Kamery Solomon – A Review

Hell Hall

By Kamery Solomon

Hell Hall Kamery SolomonHell Hall Synopsis

High School. A virtual hell to every pimple covered, greasy haired, knowledge loving kid who walks the halls of the institution. Only a very proud few manage to rise among the ranks to become “the cool kids,” snagging the lucky fate of living the best years of their lives up through the twelfth grade. We’ll just not tell them what happens after they graduate. In ten years, when the kid the football team swirlied is their boss, they’ll realize that it probably would have been better to not be cool when they were teens. But that doesn’t matter now. Why you ask? I’ll tell you. My name is Bridge, which isn’t short for Bridgette, if you were wondering. My parents were assholes when they were younger, I guess. It could have been worse; at least I’m not a piece of fruit or an airline. Unique names can kiss my little undead butt. Oh yeah, that. I’m also dead. No need to apologize—it’s not your fault, unless you’re the pile of crap who murdered me. If so, could you fill me in on what happened? I’d really like to know how my life ended. The last thing I remember is going out for a milkshake and then, poof! I was here. Where is here, you ask? If you ask any of the adults, it’s Harrison’s Preparatory Institution for the Gifted and Unknown. If you ask any of the students, it’s Hell Hall. That’s right, bitches; high school is now back in session.

Hell Hall Banshee's Review

Nude mermaid illustration in blue colors with shine effectsLet me introduce you to one of the best (and my new favorite) short stories; Hell Hall.

This short supernatural read packs the punch of a full sized novel, and it was a lot of fun to read.

Hell Hall takes place in New Orleans. America’s most haunted, and arguably most magical city, the perfect setting for all things supernatural.

If you are unfamiliar with Kamery Solomon, then you may not know that she makes up one third of The Royal Queens of Romance. Naturally, this macabre tale is a romance, but there is a lot more to it than just being an un-dead fairy tale. I was sent through a whirlwind of emotions, ones that are hard enough to elicit in a full length novel and almost impossible to evoke in the confines of (approximately) 30,000 words.

I would classify the genre of this book as AWESOMELY EPIC.

If my review and the synopsis has piqued your interest, then I have good news for you!

Hell Hall is currently FREE on Wattpad.

Go on, and join the fun. If you haven’t already joined wattpad, membership is free.


Hell Hall About the AuthorKamery is not the person who grew up dreaming of the day that she would clutch her very own novel to her chest, tears brimming over the rims of her eyes as she thought about how she’d written it herself, finally! In fact, anything remotely like that didn’t even happen until she was actually holding her first book in her hand, amazed that she’d written it and wondering how on Earth she’d managed to do it when it hadn’t ever occurred to her to write one until months before. Surprisingly, though, it was just what she never realized she loved doing.

When starting out in life, Kamery had (and still has) big dreams to perform on Broadway. She loves music and acting very much, while she and dance have a love/hate relationship; she would love to do it and every form of dance decides it hates that about her, haha! The one constant she always had between the performing world and the book world were the stories, tales that transported her to other worlds and made her feel like she really could do anything. Finally, she decided she wanted to do that for someone else and sat down to write.

It’s been a few years since she held that first book, realizing that she really liked writing and wanted to do more, but the love that blossomed in that moment has only grown. Currently, Kamery works from home in the White Mountains of Arizona, while taking care of her two adorable kids, a girl and a boy, and talking her sweet husband Jake’s ear off about the insane amount of characters in her head who are ready to fight to the death for a chance at their own novels. She also gets together with other authors in the family and they all gab together, making up The Royal Court of the Queens of Romance. It truly is a wonderful life!

For more information on future releases and how to contact Kamery, please visit her website www.kamerysolomonbooks.com

You can find Kamery Solomon on these major social media sites by clicking the links below, they will send you directly to Kamerey’s pages.

I highly encourage you to visit her website for further news and information.


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