Sleeping with the Beast (The Conduit Series Book 2) by Rebecca Hamilton and Conner Kressley – A Review

Sleeping with the Beast (The Conduit Series Book 2)


Rebecca Hamilton and Conner Kressley

Sleeping with the BeastSleeping with the beast Synopsis

Sleeping with the Beast

The war between Conduits and Supplicants is turned inside out when Charisse and Abram learn who’s in bed with who.

After narrowly surviving a murderous mob, curvy Conduit/Supplicant Charisse and alpha Beast Abram escape to the remote island of Grimoult, where their relaxing vacation soon turns into a sinister suicide mission.

People have been jumping from the island cliff in record numbers, but Charisse and Abram aren’t convinced these deaths are really suicides. Especially once they learn all the jumpers share the same dream-vision of a beautiful woman three days before their fall. Now it’s up to Charisse and Abram to find out what this “Sleeping Beauty” has to do with the suicides.

Their search for answers leads them to the island king’s castle, where the beauty and her beast find themselves at the mercy of a kinky ruler whose sexist mentality and BDSM fetishes soon begin to rub off on the pair. But time is cut short when Charisse sees Sleeping Beauty for herself, marking her as the next suicide victim and leaving her only three days until her death.

Hunt or Be Hunted

Beasts have infiltrated the towns. The cities. The government.

Blood will be spilled. Wars will be fought. Magic will be bartered.

And there’s only one person who can bridge the worlds between Conduits and Supplicants.

If she fails, human lives will be reduced to nothing more than a source.

The Complete Conduit Series

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Sleeping with the beast banshee's review

2155427 nude mermaid illustration in blue colors with shine effe Just a brief note: Sleeping with the Beast rated on the lower end of 4 screams, much for the same reasons Book 1 fell lower on the rating system than it should have. Lack of editing.

This book is mesmerizing, anytime I had to stop reading I thought about the book. When it was well into the wee hours of morning and I couldn’t fall asleep… it was because my mind was stuck on THIS book.

Initially I thought that Taken by the Beast would be a continuation of the Beauty and the Beast tale -because I very rarely read the synopsis on books in a series, it gives away too much. I was more than pleasantly surprised and really excited when Abram and Ms. Bellamy’s story took on another very well loved fairy tale curse. My exact words were: OMFsqueeG, NO WAY!!! The title is PERFECT! I may have also bounced a little in excitement, okay – it was more of a jump and a lot of it …. small details… 

The story was fantastic, fast paced, and compelling. I am excited for book 3, Charmed by the Beast, to release, but I expect to see much of the same from Hamilton & Kressley as far as editing faux pas go. Even with that said, I am looking forward to this next book. It is a fantastic read, there were many times I ignored my critical eye because I was so distracted by the story.

Rebecca Hamilton and Conner Kressley are great story tellers and writers, but they need to pay more attention to their end product’s readability. As far as I can tell this was a self edited piece, and while I am not opposed to self editing, I highly believe that a strong beta team should be in place.

All in all, Sleeping with the Beast was a fantastic read, it could use a good once over by both authors. Normally a written work with this number of errors irritates the hell out of the Banshee, but this piece had a strong and well written story line.

Sleeping with the Beast about the authorAll about the author sections are borrowed from the author’s amazon bio page.

About Rebecca Hamilton

Rebecca Hamilton is a USA Today Bestselling Paranormal Fantasy author who also dabbles in Horror and Literary Fiction. She lives in Florida with her husband and four kids. She enjoys dancing with her kids to television show theme songs and would love the beach if it weren’t for the sand. Having a child diagnosed with autism has inspired her to illuminate the world through the eyes of characters who see things differently. She is represented by Rossano Trentin of TZLA and has been published internationally, in three languages.

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About Conner Kressley

Conner Kressley is a USA TODAY Bestselling Author. He is an avid reader and all around lover of storytelling. His book “The Breaker’s Code” is the
first in the epic “Fixed Points” series that pits free will against fate and true love against good intentions and
bad situations.

When he’s not writing about teenagers who have way too much on their plates, Conner can be found in the
back roads of Georgia watching old movies, geeking out over books (comic and otherwise), and planning the
next of his (some would say way too frequent) trips to Disneyworld. He also loves nature, stories where people are running for their lives, and all things “Southern”

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