Stronger with Her (Strength Series Book 2) by JA Hensley – A Review



Stronger with Her (Strength Series Book 3)

By JA Hensley

Stronger with Her CoverStronger with Her SynopsisStephanie’s life has been on auto pilot for years. Growing up a child prodigy with a troubled family does that to a woman. Her job as a computer tech just reinforces her invisibility. She wants to be seen, to be noticed, and her solution is working part-time as a dancer. What she wants more than anything else, is to be known.

James suffered a tragic loss four years ago and has since kept his focus on work. He’s built Owens Ammunition from the ground up to be a very successful company. When his buddy makes him attend a birthday party, he’s forced to go outside his comfort zone. That’s when he sees her on stage and his world shifts on its axis.

One night, one dance, one fateful meeting that changes two lives forever. Will he find that he’s stronger with her?


Stronger with Her Banshee's ReviewWhen the Review Tour aired, I mentioned that I was only half way through reading Stronger with Her, and I have finally completed the book. I you haven’t seen the review tour yet you can visit the linked text above. It is pretty! And there is a great excerpt,  as well as teasers, and a book trailer. My initial thoughts as it stood at a 50% read was that it was a 5 Scream read. I am happy to announce that I have not deviated from that rating. If you continue reading you will see why.

Stronger with Her began with an intense and emotional prologue. One that still makes my scalp tingle. One that I had to share with my little brother so he understood the gravity of the latest book I was reading. He isn’t a regular reader, I think the last book he read was after he watched the movie first.

Shh. I am working on converting him and he hasn’t realized it yet.

His reaction to the Prologue (he made the ‘holy $h!t’ face), lead him to take over my kindle while I was adding my review to the blog tour. He wanted more. – To me that says a A LOT.

Stronger with Her makes me hate the way books are classified. It is dynamic. There is so much more to this story than the title, blurbs, teasers, and trailers tell. It isn’t just a romance, it isn’t just erotica, it isn’t just contemporary. It is life. JA Hensley wrote about someone’s life, fictional or not, it felt real.

I adored this read. This is my first time reading JA Hensley’s work, yes I read the second book first, and I fell head over heals!

Stronger with Her About the AuthorThis about the Author section was borrowed from the author’s amazon bio page.

J.A. Hensley’s debut novel, Wedding Dreams, was named an Amazon Erotica Best Seller. She loves smut of all kinds and is a reader first. J.A. is constantly working on a new project, whether it’s writing or working in her craft room. She lives in the Midwest with her husband and daughter, and spends her days teaching college students about social work and human sexuality.

Books Published:
Wedding Dreams
Stronger With Him (Strength Series #1)

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