The In Exchange Trilogy – By Tracy Gilmore



Book one of the series.

Jackie has the perfect life. A loving husband, two successful boys, and a beautiful stately home. With her calm expressions and soft voice, she gives into the indulgences of her husband Mitch, and for a long time, they are very happy.
Meanwhile James has had a hard life, never knowing where his next meal will come from or his next job. His short tempered flares keep him from having anything worth of value for too long. But all of that is about to change. After spending nights watching home after home, James comes across what he believes is the perfect plan.
An abduction.
What’s the worst that can happen?
Jackie does what she can to stay alive, using skills she never had to rely on, doing things she never thought of. When she is confronted with the worst of her fears, her husband doesn’t want to pay the ransom, she does the unthinkable.
James didn’t have enough to take care of himself, let alone a woman he had no intentions of keeping, what will he do now that he cant let her go? Unexpected alliances are made, betrayals of epic proportions are discovered and when the dust settles, will Jackie survive the onslaught of James with his explosive temper or will she be able to turn the beast of a man into a beauty she would want to keep for herself?






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in exchange for jamesSynopsisJames is still having a hard time believing Jackie wants to help him and his sons. They have moved to her home in Vermont and so far things are going well. Henry his youngest has his sights on Jackie. She may be old enough to be his mother but she is a woman and from what he can see she is a worthy woman to chase.
Augusta has found herself a new obsession, his name is James, she will do what ever it takes to get her hands on him regardless of what her husband says.
Lex is thrilled to have Jackie back in town and now he can persue her to his hearts content, but with James in the picture does this halt his desire to have her?
Mitch is beside himself with anger at letting Jackie go. He regrets not taking the offer of the men who took her. Now he is struggling with wanting to find her and keeping it a secret from his new woman Connie.


in exchange for plan bSynopsis

James and Jackie are happier than they have ever been. Henry and Crosby appreciate all Jackie has done for them, together they are a perfect family.
Mitch sees things differently. James has taken his wife and poisoned her mind against him. The quiet woman he was married to is now angry and very outspoken. He has to change her if he wants to get her back.
Augusta doesnt like the fact she has been rejected, no one rejects her and lives to tell the tale. She is out to get revenge on James no matter who is in her way.
Lex has a new friend in James, he has earned his trust and respect. Will an unexpected opportunity create a moment where Lex can have Jackie to himself? Will he take advantage and ruin the friendship he has over his lustful desires?
Connie is fed up with Mitch and his need to get his wife back. She is looking to ensure Jackie never breathes air again so she can have Mitch to herself.
Everyone has a plan ‘B’
Whose plan will succeed?
As all plans converge into one explosive moment, the truth will come out and it will be a shock to them all.


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Tracy Gilmore has always had a love of writing and often wrote on whatever she could find but many of her stories were beginnings and not full stories. The concept of publishing a book was not something that she considered until there was so much of it to read. Through trial and error she came across a method to allow others to enjoy the reading of her work as much as she loves to write.
She graduated from high school and attended a Community College. She married her High School sweetheart and together they have two children. Often her husband helps her with many of her writings and her children are eager to listen to her many tales giving her the feedback that helps her to continue writing.
Inspiration for her writing comes in many forms and when it strikes she can be found typing or writing away for hours. When she is not writing she is a woman of very many talents. Baking, cooking, woodworking, crocheting, playing videogames, sewing and swimming.


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