Funny Santa Lists from my children

‘Tis the Season…

For Strange gift requests from kids.

Last year my second oldest daughter (I will refer to her as Ducky) wanted a Christmas sandwich from Subway, made to order her way. She wasn’t very thrilled when she actually received one, in fact she re-gifted it.

It was this moment that I really started recording my children’s interesting, absurd, and strange Christmas wishes.

This Year’s Strange Wishes:

Miss Moo (Age 7): Asked for a Grappling Hook, a spy kit, and Ninja Gear…. not really that odd of a request; aside from the fact that I had no idea she wanted to be a stealthy ninja spy…. just a few days before I asked her to make out a Christmas list she wanted all of the Monster High dolls….

What kind of secret missions does a 7 year old go on? I wonder if she is a double agent…. Maybe she has been playing that James Bond video game on the N64?

Ducky (Age 5): This little girl had a few (contextually) bizarre items on her list. She asked for a stick –  we live in the woods, toy food (yes, it is a normal one… keep reading), a quad – sure, but mom and dad get one first.

I asked her to list some toys she would like to have. She told me she wanted a tiny house that she could walk in, that had a bed and a TV….

I think she wants her own room….

So Soft aka Little Lamb (Age 4): This pint-sized gal wanted something practical; light bulbs and vampire ears.

Last, but not least…

Little Monkey Toes (Age 3): Monkey Toes did not understand the assignment, but understood the sentiment behind the holiday; she wanted to get gifts for her sisters…. Shoes. She loves shoes…

After asking her what she would like Santa to bring her, she told me Apples, and a hot dog. Eventually we developed a prompted list that included Paw Patrol, “Let it Go” doll, and a Pooh Pooh.


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