Through His Eyes by Betty Page – A Review

Through His Eyes

by Betty Page

Genre: Romance > Mystery & Suspense > Suspense

Betty Page Through His EyesBetty Page synopsis       Risking it all for the chance to find Mr. Right and have the same happily ever after girls dream of was just the beginning for Vanessa. She’s been exquisite in her position at one of the country’s top financial firms. Being driven and focused in her career at such an early stage in her life has left her yearning to spend sleepless nights in the arms of her Alpha male. Little does she know, he who sets his eyes on her is not the person she seeks. Will she find true romance, passion and long lasting love? This remains to be seen through his eyes only.

Betty Page Banshee's ReviewNote: Through His Eyes rated a 3.5 screams for me. I will give a trigger and sexual content warning. Triggers are for abuse and rape.


3 1/2 Screms
3.5 Screams!

This books was a trip.

The prologue is dark and intense, yet the chapters following read like a romance. My curiosity was immediately piqued, and I was eager to find out what had happened and lead up to the hell Vanessa endured in the prologue.

This was a fairly quick read, that held my interest, and I enjoyed my time doing it. In fact it is one of the books where the story has stuck with me though many other books.

Betty Page About the AuthorBetty writes romance tales with the intention of making readers fall in love one story at a time. Her writing style is inspired by real life events as well as a mix of fiction.

She lives in Texas with her husband of 22 years. She love chocolate desserts, hockey and spending time with her fur babies.

Betty is a hopeless romantic often giving her characters the right advice for falling in love with the one who captures their heart. Everyone deserves some kind of a happily ever after.

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