The All Important, Well-Fed, Giant White Man: A memoir. By Dan Pearce – A Review


The All Important, Well-Fed, Giant White Man: A memoir.

 By Dan Pearce

Danoah Synopsis“It’s a different kind of memoir. Hilarious. Troublesome. Risky. Introspective. Revealing. And so wonderfully… human.

Brought to you by the author of the widely-acclaimed Single Dad Laughing blog, The All-Important, Well-Fed, Giant White Man will make you laugh as often as it makes you squirm (in all the right ways) as Dan shares his sidesplitting life stories, moments of incredible stupidity, colossal mistakes, and the awesome (albeit sometimes strange) lessons learned through it all.

This engaging collection of narratives shines a light on some of the most difficult and most liberating dynamics of the human experience. Dan recounts awkward childhood love, getting his bare butt glued to a log in the woods, setting his family’s house afire, ungloriously handling his first set of knockers, being ratted-out by his child, moments of douchey self-importance, and many other fantastic stories which will keep you flipping pages with wild abandon.

Odd religious mandates, betrayal, childhood bullying, a struggle to feel loveable, morbid obesity, self-harm, family and societal pressure, relationship struggles, compulsive dishonesty, dealing with infidelity… All of it led, and often in such comical ways, toward getting healthy and eventually accepting and loving himself as the overly ridiculous, always-faulted, usually-laughing, human he is.”

Danoah Review2155427 nude mermaid illustration in blue colors with shine effeDan’s look back on his life is so much more than a mere retelling of the events that has shaped him to become the person he is today. The All-Important, Well-Fed, Giant White Man (aka Dan Pearce); put careful thought into the pieces of his past and in turn himself, to share for all the world to read.

While I may not have shared some… okay, many of his personal experiences, I had a really hard time not placing myself in his (very large) shoes. His recounts are vivid and, his words wise, and the lessons he took from each situation were impact-full. And in true SDL (Single Dad Laughing) style it is humorous and entertaining; dead to the world hooked on the story much the same effect as when I read an enthralling work of non-fiction. Dan’s natural affinity for story telling is showcased spectacularly in The All-Important, Well-Fed, Giant White Man.

Through some of HIS most private, embarrassing and intimate moments I found myself finally able to put words to the lessons I have learned in life. Finally being able to have actual words for the things I have learned means that I can apply them. Hell, Dan Pearce nearly force fed me realization and an epiphany.

I can attest to the claims made on the back of the book – or in the books description on retailer sites. This memoir is unlike any I have ever read. It is unique, and humble, and very easy to relate to.

I strongly believe that anyone who reads this autobiography will walk away with a better understanding of not only the Author, but themselves as well.

Danoah Favorite Quotes

“I dramatically looked down at my shoes. I looked up at my friends again and smirked. ‘Just drive,’ I said. ‘Just Drive.'”

“And, my personal favorite: assault on a friendly weapon.”

“What changed as the immense satisfaction I could only feel after the exclusive definition of ‘me’ as coming from me, and me alone.”

And the one (of many) quote that rang so true to my memory and heart, and gave me hope for my future self battling teenage the teenage years 4 times over.  

“The inner-workings of the parent-child relationships get clogged and jammed”


“And eventually it all erupts. Somebody snaps. And an adult is finally born out of all of it.”


“My professional background looks like it was written by a fiction author who seriously had it out for me. As an adult I have gone through four career changes now. At one point I was an animal artist. I loved it. Until I hated it. After drawing more than 1,500 portraits of people’s dogs, chickens, goats, horses, cats, and alpacas, I couldn’t hardly stand to lift a pencil anymore. Now the only time you’ll get a drawing from me is if you’re dead. Morbid, I know.

After that, various roads led me into business where I spent six years managing retail, and later on the corporate side in marketing and sales. The last job I had was president of a therapeutic seat cushion company. That means I focused on other people’s butts for a living. It was way more glorious than it sounds. Okay, maybe not.”

– The above quote is courtesy of the Author, Dan Pearce’s blog page. Feel free to read more about Dan by following the link: You should probably subscribe to it as well, because it is fantastic!

Danoah Follow the authorDan can be found all over the place on the interwebs, and he always posts good stuff. Personally, I enjoy the “favorite things I’ve seen around Facebook today” posts on, you guessed it Facebook.




You can also Follow Dan Pearce’s personal Facebook page, and his author page on amazon.


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Favorite Quotes: The favorite quotes section was taken word for word from The All-Important, Well-Fed, Giant White Man: A Memoir by Dan Pearce. You should really check it out. Thank you Dan Pearce, the Dan from Single Dad Laughing, for providing me with many hours of enjoyable and humorous reading. I am so glad you no longer check out people’s rear ends or a living; I am beyond grateful for the moment you started your blog page. You have given me hope in more ways than one.

About The Author: The about the author section, ahhh, you see this one is kinda tricky… trickier than most I am accustomed to… Mr. Pearce’s Amazon Bio page is empty, devoid of anything personal… not even a picture, or a shameless blog plug… tsk… tsk… tsk… just kidding… but you really should do something about that (if you read this).

The About The Author section features a direct quote from – again you should really check it out. I really enjoyed surfing through the pieces he has written on his blog, and his personal experiences have resonated with my experiences as a parent, and a person. I feel like has written the things I often cannot express.

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