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lady j cover revealBeyond Redemption (Marked Series Book 2)

Lady J

Coming to kindles near you February 29th 2016!

What happens when malicious acts change your path in destiny? Giddeon Cane has become blinded by his obsessive need to find the twisted monsters who’ve destroyed his life, and exact his wrath. An unexpected and devastating revelation throws him back into his painful past. Tormented by sins that can never be forgiven, he breaks down and comes face to face with an Angel. Determined to pull Giddeon out of the darkness where he dwells, Eva fights to give him back his future, a future she desperately needs to be a part of. Will Giddeon choose the revenge he’s fought so long for? Or will he choose the Angel who seeks to redeem him?



Beyond Redemption CoverTeasers

Beyond Redemption Teaser 1  “Giddeon’s need for revenge has turned him into the same twisted monsters he hunted down.” -Beyond Redemption (Marked Series Book 2)

Beyond Redemption Teaser 5“There is no feeling in this world better, than the weight of your body on mine.” – Giddeon

Beyond REdemtpion teaser 2“That bastard will never come near you again. Your heart is safe with me… YOU are safe with me, Ellora.” -Behr


Have you read Forever Marked yet?

Book one in the Marked Series received a high review rating of 5 screams from Book Banshee!

” This is such a fantastic story, I want to gush and gush, and GUSH!  I am even reading a new book *half way through* and I keep reverting back to Lady J’s memorable characters; Lor, Grady,  Dalton Joseph, Gavin,  BB, Behr, Giddeon, Catie, Gavin, Patty, Katherine, Elli, the entire gang.! I mentioned Gavin twice on purpose, he needs an HEA.

Forever Marked was a fantastic debut, I will absolutely be reading more from Lady J. There were some small editing errors in the beginning but, the story was so great that it made up for it overall. Not to mention I really love a book with an accent. This is one of the few books I have read twice, and will probably continue to re-read.” – Book Banshee



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