February Freebies


February Freebies


The Freebies

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Resounding Truth• Title: Resounding Truth: (Werewolf Novella) (The Resounding Series)

• Author: Kate Thomas

• Genre: Paranormal Romance.

Dark Arts• Title: Dark Arts

• Author: Randolph Lalonde

• Genre: Science Fiction; Horror; Occult

Dream Theif• Title: Dreamthief

• Author: Tamara Gratham

• Genre: Fantasy; Fairy Tales; Mythology

Nightmare City• Title: Nightmare City: Part One: First in a series of steampunk / dystopian books

• Author: Jack Connor

•Genre: Science Fiction; Steampunk,  Metaphysical & Visionary

Something Real• Title: Something Real

• Author: Ariande Wayne

• Genre: Contemporary Romance

Good Cop• Title: Good Cop

• Author: Liz Kelly

• Genre: Sports Fiction

The Bird and The Beetle• The Bird and the Beetle: The Academy Ghost Bird and Scarab Beetle Series Starters

• Author: C.L. Stone

• Genre: New Adult & College; Romance; Suspense

The Muscle Part One• Title: The Muscle Part One: A Mob Boss Serial

• Author: Michelle St. James

• Genre: New Adult & College; Action & Adventure; Romance

Pisces• Title: Pisces (The Zodiac Twin Flame Series)

• Author: Rachel Medhurst

• Genre: Young Adult; Paranormal Romance; Coming of Age

The Girl With The Green Tinted Hair F• Title: The Girl With The Green Tinted Hair: A Miraculous Fable

• Author: Gavin Whyte

• Genre: Women’s Personal Growth; Fairy Tales; Self Help

The Lycan Society F• Title: The Lycan Society (The Flux Age Book 1)

• Author: Steven J Shelley

• Genre: Paranormal; Romance; Witches & Wizards; Vampires

Zack F• Title: Zack (Armed and Dangerous Book 1)

• Author: Cheyenne McCray

• Genre: Romance; Westerns

Soar F• Title: Soar (The Empire Chronicles Book 1)

• Author: Alyssa Rose Ivy

• Genre: Paranormal; Romance; Werewolves & Shifters

The Clockwork God• Title: The Clockwork God (Aboard The Great Iron Horse Book 1)

• Author: Jamie Sedgwick

• Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy; Steampunk

House of Royals F• Title: House of Royals

• Author: Keary Taylor

• Genre: Paranormal Romance; Angels; Vampires

Kellie's Diary F• Title: Kellie’s Diary #1

• Authors: Thomas Jenner and Angeline Perkins

• Genre: Fiction; Horror

Mercy•Title: Mercy

•Author: Lucia Jordan

•Genre: Contemporary; Romance; Women’s Fiction

• Special Note: Lucia has multiple books offered at no cost to you •

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