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Ella Price

pizap.com14578414721761“I have been writing since I was eight. I started out with poetry. Eventually, I moved on to short fantasy stories, then eventually books. I have always loved books, whether I was reading them or writing them. Books were always a perfect escape from reality. When I was growing up, I admired authors and I imagined I would eventually be one.
The primary genre I write is fantasy romance. I love creating tough heroines and sexy vampires, werewolves, Fae, and every other supernatural creature I can come up with. I also write new adult romance when I am in the right mood. I want my readers to get the same joy from reading my stories that I do when I read some of my favorite authors.” – Ella Price’s Amazon Author Page.


Ella’s Spotlight


BOOK 1 COVERThe Dark Love Vampire Series Book 1

Isabella goes to her grandmothers every summer, not that her grandmother cares. The best part of going is seeing her cousin Alana. When their adventure to a popular club turns into a terrifying ordeal and Alana goes missing Isabella is in for more than she bargains for when she tries to search for clues in the case of her missing cousin. Isabella is plunged into a terrifying world she never imagined existed. Loki and Marcus, the strange club owner insist on hindering her efforts and she can’t get away from Nicolai, the gorgeous bouncer who seems to be torn between protecting her and killing her. Will she find the answers she is looking for, or will Nicolai be the death of her first?


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BOOK 2 COVERThe Dark Love Vampire Series Book 2

Isabella’s reality has changed. She has changed. Her new abilities are exciting, but they come with consequences. Holding onto her humanity has become a constant challenge. Her friends are in danger and this time the enemy may be herself.



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Lillian Rayne Trilogy

Lillian Rayne teaser 1


new lillian rayne book 1Lillian Rayne Trilogy – Book 1

Lillian Rayne, a vampire hunter on top of her game, is forced to follow a new set of rules when the hunters call a truce with the vampires, Lillian is trying to find her place in a world where it is no longer the hunter vs. the hunted. Her hate for vampires has been ingrained in her since the death of her parents. She is being forced to put aside everything she feels, so she can try to make the truce work. On top of everything else the master vampire Aubrey is forcing her to feel for him in a way she never thought she could for a vampire.


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LILLIAN RAYNE BOOK 2 COVERLillian Rayne Trilogy – Book 2

Cornelius continues to become more complicated. Drake and his werewolf pack offer Lillian a purpose. Lillian discovers she is not who she thinks she is. This new information has made her many enemies. She learns her enemies have cursed someone close to her in an attempt to get her to surrender. Lillian takes a risk to save the one she loves. She hopes to get to her enemies before they get to her first. On top of everything else Lillian’s newly discovered magical abilities are growing. Her determination to find herself could lead to more trouble for her, and the people she loves.



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new lillian rayne  book 3Lillian Rayne Trilogy – Book 3

Lillian is trying to cope with losing her memory. She is trying to figure out who she can and cannot trust. She learns that one of the people who claims to be close to her is working with her enemy half-sister, Eleanor. Lillian has to figure out who she can trust before Eleanor gets to her first.


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Ella Price’s Featured Works Are ALL Available on Kindle Unlimited

You can follow Ella Price on Facebook, or on her Website for updates, new releases, and special announcements. To see more of Ella’s work visit her Amazon Author Page.

Book Images, and Descriptions were borrowed from each books Amazon page. Teaser Images were provided to Wolfie's Fantasy Book Blog by Ella's Personal Assistant.

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