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Beyond Redemption (Marked Series Book 2) by Lady J

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Well I didn’t expect that.



I interviewed Giddeon in the confines of the dank jail cell in Skye, Scottland, after his arrest. It was hard to believe that the facility and those manning guard could contain such evil. I thought that the Scottish jailers were #1 giving him a scare, #2, giving me (the journalist) the story of a lifetime, and # 3 it added to the tourism factor.

When I walked through the halls of the empty facility, I was shocked to find that it still housed prisoners, or at least the one at the time. The salty sea air had tainted the tops of the cell bars in a soft layer of blueish-green moss like cartilage and there was a slight orange rust seeping from where concrete met iron. Despite the already dark feeling of the jail  an eerie feeling crept over me as I approached Giddeon’s cell, and I was absolutely sure that I had met the devil..

I was afraid that if I asked the wrong questions, I wouldn’t be privy to the answers. Every question I had asked resulted in a short and clipped answers,  as of today, I know that he did answer honestly, however he didn’t seem to want to share much. Giddeon was not quite the monster I’d expected.

As it turns out  I met Giddeon; the warrior, a survivor, and I hadn’t yet faced the devil.

Although, Lady J was sure to make that introduction.

In Beyond Redemption Lady J continues Ellora and Behr’s story after the harrowing attack in the warehouse. The couple is still on edge as they both move past the incident. With her attacker behind bars, and the detective from America working hard to bring justice to those effected by the ‘devil’s’ reign of terror, Ellora feels at ease enough to plan her future, her Grizzly Behr protector never far from her side. They don’t feel at ease until her attacker is transferred back to the US where his story unfolds as he works with Detective Antonelli to exact his revenge.

The first bit of the story was a little slow for me, through no fault of the author, but because of MY impatience, I was ready to jump right into the thick of it all right away. The necessary steps to jog the readers’ memory of the characters and events that had lead up to the current point of the story reminded me of all the details I had in fact forgotten. The reintroduction of the characters and the happenings didn’t last long before I was sucked into the excitement that was anticipated with this series.

Especially as Giddeon’s story begins to unfold.

The plot thickens and twists when unexpected details are revealed allowing the story to flow quickly, enticing the reader to continue with vigor.

I would divulge to tell you more, but no one likes a spoilsport.

I can tell you that I never expected to root for the antagonist, or that I would crave to read more about him in the next book in the Forever Marked Series. When I interviewed him (Giddeon) after his arrest, he had said some things  I had found monstrous, and vile, but his words made sense and rang true to character. My heart ached for him, broke for him. I never realized how absolutely human an evil monster could be or that our humanity is often what makes us into the very monster we wish not to become.

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