Super Freaking Fun Thing – Insert Banshee Ramble…. and some news #SFFT


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I recently hit my 1 year milestone for blogging, and I still feel like a newb. I haven’t learned much of anything aside from the fact that Chip Davis was right. Despite the discouraging times, deadlines missed, forgotten dates… I have rather enjoyed my time as a book blogger. I have enjoyed learning how to work my website. I have enjoyed making new friends in this community. I have struggled to keep my optimism afloat during the bad times, and have done my absolute best to be as supportive as I can be – even if I forget to post. I am human, and my # rule is my family comes first… even if I happen to ignore them most of the time.

This year has been a crazy year, especially the last two months. My husband lost his grandmother, not long after his other grandmother underwent emergency surgery due to internal bleeding caused by a medication she was taking. Just before that our water line was disemboweled by tree roots and we spent most of our week digging out a new path for a new line; We had four 10-12 hour day of shoveling through lava cap, and rubble. We dug out more rocks than we did dirt. I won’t complain too much because I now have enough rocks to build a rock wall for my garden.  But the topper on the cake for me this year was my husband’s accident he had at work, it happened just this Friday… he is really sore. I cannot go into detail about the accident as it is still so fresh.

The last few months have been kinda cruddy, chaotic, messy, and crazy…

And that is only the short version, and not even the half of all that has been going on…

I am planning an Event or party of some sort for  hitting my 1 year mark.

I am starting school in September.

I have sneezed 23 times since I have started writing this.

My computer crashed and I am slowly getting to the point where this new one is a working one.

I lost my Word 2013 program that was only 6 months old…

Insert about a decades worth of petty little things and it has happened… my dog died, my baby cried, the cereal spilled and I stepped in it. We have an infestation of flies because all four of my kids were raised in a barn. Our new low flow toilet wouldn’t even suck down it’s own water, and my aunt lost her toe.

I am up to 27 sneezes and my new laptop is still struggling with how many Fs it gives (it only gives 2 willingly a day… ) I have to hit ctrl + v for most of my Fs… how fitting is that  for adulthood?



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