The Second Verse by Janet Lee – A Review

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Title: The Second Verse       Author: Janet Lee

Publication Date: June 5th, 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance


“Life doesn’t always go according to plan; this is a fact Miranda Cross knows all too well. At seventeen, she thought she had everything figured out. With undeniable talent, and a scholarship to the college of her dreams, she was ready to leave her small hometown and move to the city with the boy she loved since she was five years old. However, as the saying goes about best laid plans, many years later, Miranda finds herself living in that same small town, heartbroken by the past and overwhelmed by the future.

For as long as he can remember, Jace Harper has always wanted one thing, to be a solider. Even as a boy, he knew which direction his life would take, but nothing could prepare him for the hell he would experience. Years later, Jace is no longer the man he once was. Bruises fade, bones heal, but in order to mend his soul, he decides to leave South Carolina and try to start over in Massachusetts.

When their lives cross paths, can Miranda and Jace finally stop grieving the past and start The Second Verse?”

Review2155427 nude mermaid illustration in blue colors with shine effeThe Second Verse by Janet Lee was a very charismatic, and sweet second chance romance.

I found myself a little surprised that this was a debut novel. The Language in the book is vibrant in the sense that it brings character not only to the story but the words fused to the pages; Lee adds small descriptive details to everyday words causing them to spring to life.

There were a couple of things that stuck out to me in a negative notation that resulted in lowering the rating to 4 Screams instead of 5. The first being the handful of errors  – which is something I expect from all written works, but these are a little different. These errors are a cause of editing, and I don’t mean that in a sense that I am blaming the editor. Most of the pieces I found were adding on, changing a sentence structure, or sentence placement within the work. It was quite fascinating to me honestly, but it did distract me from reading the story.

The other thing I had made note of was the chapter where Jace meets Adam. This chapter had me scratching my head, I did not expect it, and to me it didn’t quite fit the story.

Despite the minor discrepancies with very small portions in The Second Verse, it was one of those ‘can’t put it down’ reads. Nearly 75% of the book has been highlighted in yellow to mark passages I fell in love with. There were many memorable quotes from this story, so many in fact that Jace and Miranda’s story will remain with me for years to come.

Oh and chapter 36  kinda broke me a lottle (word fusion: a little and a lot).

Favorite Quote for second verse

…I swear the Earth stopped spinning. Everything fades to blue. The clearest, most vibrant shade of blue I’ve ever seen. – The Second Verse by Janet Lee

(p.s. I typed one quote, re-read the one above it, and deleted the old quote to type up the new one at least ten times. I can’t pick a favorite, not just one anyway…)

About Janet Lee

“Janet Lee is a wife and soccer mom, with a “real” job that keeps her trapped at a desk most days. She lives with her family in southern New England. When not in the office or at the field, she can be found trying to hide from her family with her laptop or Kindle nearby.”*

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