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As many of you may have noticed, my two weeks to re-vamp this site has turned into much longer than that.

In mid July I took baby girl #3 for her kindergarten physical, when the nurse did the lead test the result came back high. This prompted me to have the other three children tested as well, because they do everything together, and frequent the same places. The lead numbers, at that point had to be confirmed by the lab.

If you are not familiar with the lead test it is very similar to a diabetic testing their blood sugar. They pricked her little finger, milked at best 3 drops of blood from it, and inserted it into a machine that read the lead content of those three drops. The machine and the amount of blood used can lead to a false reading, but only in the sense that it can give you a false positive reading for lead, not the other way around.

Our next step was to have her blood drawn and processed by the lab, and I figured since we were at it  I would have her blood sugar tested as well; I was concerned that she may be diabetic due to a number of factors. I encourage you to check the symptoms out, especially if diabetes runs in your family.

Here is a link:

The two weeks I was supposed to working behind the scenes here turned into an every other day visit to the doctor’s office, we visited so frequently that the head of the practice offered to save a parking space, and put up a sign just for our family. Every day were not at the doctor’s office, we were either at a dentist appointment, or the lab. It was chaotic. Oh, I forgot to mention, for the first time in 8 1/2 years I saw a doctor for me, and not just because I was pregnant. And I also had lab tests run.

The Results: baby girl #3’s lead test was negative! Good News! Her blood sugar level came back and looked great! More Good News!!! Although, as it turns out, I was concerned about her sugars being high, when I should have been worried about them dipping too low. She is hypoglycemic. Booooo!

As for me, my tests came back with high cholesterol. Hisss!

And then school started… Last week…  I ONLY HAVE ONE KID HOME! The last time I only had one kid at home was 6 years, 7 months, and 17 days ago. When my second oldest was born. I could probably trace it down to the hour, minute, and second. HAHA. Did you know that having just one out of four kids at home is more work than having four kids at home? This is new territory for me. I am still doing the house work four children require, except now I only have one, with no playmate aside from me. I don’t know how to deal. I have the workload of four, and presence of one. With school back in session, I have found myself in the classrooms volunteering at least 3 days a week, and taking at least 5 days worth of packets home with me each night to staple, fold, cut, or what have you. And starting next week I will be volunteering my time after school to cross country meets.

As you may be able to imagine I haven’t had much time to sit down to a computer, or to really involve myself in much of anything else. I do want to apologize to those of you who I had signed up to do promotional posts for, and to those of you have been trying to contact the page via message or email. Not only am I sorry that I wasn’t able to help, but I also that I missed out in more than many great opportunities to share some of my favorite authors.

But I will not apologize or feel bad for putting my family, and our health first. – This little bit is more for me than it is for you,  the person reading this. I need to remind myself every now and then that books will always be there for me when I have time, and I should make time for them and me, but not when my family needs me, not when I need me.

There are many other things that are going on in my life that, along with helping out at my kiddos’ school, will be changing the dynamics of the blog. I am working on weight loss, something I want, need, and will overall help my health. In mid September I will be returning to school to earn my certificate in copy-editing. In October I will be adding to the workload a little by attending a Spanish class taught by baby girl #2’s  teacher, when my language skills have been honed, she has agreed to tutor me further to adept to written translations. I have never in my life been so excited to learn, and I am an eager learner.

You are probably wondering what that means for the ‘dynamics’ of the blog.


Basically, what it means is that my availability will be reduced to weekends. I will not be able to sign up for anything that requires a specific deadline IF materials cannot be provided upfront on the days I will be available to schedule posts; Friday after 5pm PST to Sunday 5 pm PST. Unfortunately, these changes apply to accepting review copies as well, although I am always up for a request, or recommendation. Please, please, please do not hesitate to tell me about your book, or a book you loved reading and want everyone to read as well. I never know what I am going to be in the mood for from one day to the next, I thrive off of these recommendations, and other readers do as well. Which leads me to this: Book Banshee is implementing a new weekly feature, to be aired on Mondays; This Week’s Recommendations. This Week’s Recommendations will include 11 titles & authors in varying genres, 10 of those eleven will be chosen at random from books you have referred to the page. More details are to come on this feature, which will include a google doc link, with the option to share your own opinion of the work.

Bonus: One random attributor per week will be drawn to have their review featured under Reader’s Raves – yet another new feature coming soon to Book Banshee.

The ETA for these two features is September 1st, 2016.

As always, thank you for reading my ramble filled Banshee News that almost always has nil to do with the bookish things you are all here for, and for your continued support.


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