Sunday Funday Speed Round Answers

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Today we had a little fun on  the Facebook page. I asked our friends 15 random questions over the span of an hour, and I decided to share my answers in a post here.

So here they are!

Q: What are you reading?


I am currently reading Dead Until Dark: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel by Charlaine Harris

Dead Until DarkAND

Cut by Patricia McCormick


Q: What’s your favorite color?



Q: Best thing you have won in a giveaway?


The best thing I have ever received was an autographed book from one of my favorite authors.


Q: Ford or Chevy?


Chevy, I’m a bow-tie girl, always have been always will be. Although I will say I do appreciate some of Ford’s designs.

Q: Strangest scene you have EVER read in a book?


 I am really curious to see your answers on this one, I haven’t read too many strange scenes aside from the one I can recall. I can’t be sure of the the title of the book, but it was a shifter romance and let’s just say that the shifter mated a human in animal form, and it was fully detailed. Bestiality anyone?

Q: Do you have preferred genres? Or a preferred genre?


My favorite genre, I always fall back on when I can’t figure out what to read is Paranormal or Paranormal Romance.

I am also quite fond of mysteries, and dark books that mess with your mind a little.

Q: Where are you from?


Without going into to much detail, I live in Norther California. The one with all the trees.

Q: Favorite Food?




Q: What book turned you into the reader you are today?


The WitchesThe Witches by Roald Dahl was the first book I started and finished in the same day.

I was in the 3rd grade and it was the first time in my school career that I was allowed to check out two books from the school library. I love Roald Dahl’s books; I still binge read his books and absolutely adore them.

Fun Fact: It is my goal to own ALL of Roald Dahl’s books!

Q: Which author are you crushing on?


Right now I have the biggest reader crush on Kamery Solomon. She is currently writing Exoria, the 4th book in the God Chronicles, and of the pieces she has shared I can tell it is going to be an epic finale to the series.

Q: When do you usually read?


I do 98% of my reading at night, usually after 9 when my kids are settled in their room for bed, and the other 2%

 is generally any time of day – especially if I’m not feeling well.

Q: Sexiest Muscle Car?


There are many to choose from, but nothing screams sex on wheels quite like the 1969 Camaro, especially those built by Mark Stielow. I will direct you to a site that has the photo I want to share with you. These four beauties do not only melt panties, but they leave me in pure ecstasy. *Shudders*

Here is the Link:

Q: Favorite song at the moment?


There are SOOO many to choose from, but I would have to say Ride by Twenty One Pilots, this one gets my blood pumping, has the ability to change my mood from bad to great, and I can’t help singing along and cranking it up.

Q: What did you do this weekend?


Not much of anything, and a whole lot of everything.

Friday was pizza-popcorn-candy-adult soda-movie night. The adults watched Dirty Grandpa, and the kids watched The Angry Birds Movie. Saturday entailed a 4 hour nap – I don’t nap unless I am sick and truly need it, which I did. Other than that we spent quite some time cleaning up around the property.  And on Sunday (I am typing typing my answers a day in advance) the husband and I are going house paint shopping. Right now our house is canary yellow aka sticky note yellow. It is a terrible color and does very little justice to the very bland, boxy – almost warehouse like appearance of our house. Blech. This weekend involved much more adulting than fun. I am looking forward to picking out paint though, we get a mini date without kids and we get to go have CHEESEBURGERS for lunch – the best in town!

In all honesty my week was probably more exciting than the weekend, but hey I get to have a cheeseburger lunch date with my f Iavorite person!

Q: Is there an author you wished more people knew about?


“An author” assumes singular, and I cannot pick just one. There are too many authors that deserve as much recognition as the more widely known, and I share those authors when I can, and I sometimes do so unrelentingly.

This question isn’t for me to answer though, it is for you.

If you are really curious as far as my answer goes, I will write a special piece on just that.



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