Must Fit The List by Allie Able and Becca Taylor (A Spotlight)

Allie Able and Becca Taylor are the dynamic duo behind the romantic comedy novel, Must Fit The ListReviewers on goodreads and amazon have rated this book to average a 4.68 star rating! Reviewers are raving about how seamlessly Allie and Becca’s writing blends together, and how hilarious this books was, I also recall seeing a few OMGs in there as well.

I would be lying if I said this book hasn’t piqued my interest.


I accidentally one-clicked. 😉


“Have you ever wished you could create the world’s perfect man? A man to fulfill your every fantasy? A man who could walk off the pages of your favorite novel? Yeah. Well, so have I.


After ten plus years of looking, I’ve had enough. My dating history is a joke, and I need to start from scratch. I’ve decided to design the man who will rock my world—on paper, anyway. I don’t know if he exists, but if he’s out there, I am determined to find him. If he doesn’t fit my list, he’s out. That’s the only catch. I’m not going to settle for anything less than perfect.

Grab a glass of wine, some chocolate, and maybe even some chips, ladies, because we’re taking a trip down memory lane … Cass style.” 1

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“Allie Able is a romance writer, who tries to juggle her time between being a mother and a author. Allie was raised in a small town in Mississippi and now resides in Florida. Reading and writing romance has always been her first love. She decided to pursue her dreams of becoming a writer full-time, when the characters dancing around in her head wouldn’t stop demanding her attention. Now she can be found sitting at her desk, feeding her coffee addiction, as she creates her love stories, that are sweet with a touch of spice.”2

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“Every day is an adventure. Sometimes those adventures are ones you never knew you wanted to have.

My adventure started with a dream. The dream became a paragraph. The paragraph developed into chapters. The chapters formed a book.

It’s only the beginning. ” 3

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Before you go, be sure to stop by Book Banshee’s Facebook page, authors Becca Taylor and Allie Able were generous enough to offer 5 direct to kindle copies of Must Fit the List in a Book Banshee Spotlight Giveaway!

Thank you so much Becca and Allie!
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