Goodbye, Saturday Night by Thomas Conner (A Review)

“It’s early May in 1956 in the small South Alabama town of Farmington, and eleven year old Bobby Crosby’s life is about to change forever. He’s still anguishing over the death of his father even though it’s been five years, and he’s come to despise the life centered around his mother’s cafe, a place that turns into the revelrous hot spot of the community when the sun goes down.
Bobby escapes his real world by sitting every night in the local movie theater, third row left down front. There, alone in the dark, he leaves Farmington far behind and melts into the world of the silver screen. Bobby’s best friend is Hucker Nolan, a twenty-two year old drop-out from the swamps across the tracks who drives a taxicab in the daytime and works concession at the movie theater at night. Now, Bobby’s world seems to be collapsing and there’s nothing he can do to stop it; his mother has a boyfriend Bobby desperately resents and his feelings for Hucker are confusing and ever changing, often filled with anger and jealousy Bobby doesn’t understand. Then, the worst thing possible happens to Bobby— he’s betrayed by the person he trusts the most.” 1

Title: Goodbye, Saturday Night                     Author: Thomas Conner

Date Published: October 10th, 2016           Publisher: Foundations, LLC

Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Teen & YA, Action & Adventure


Goodbye, Saturday Night is a prime example of why we should read outside of our comfort zone(s).

This book was mesmerizing. I was hooked the moment my eyes roved the first page.

Thomas Conner is a remarkable author with an impressive knack for story-telling. I am convinced Conner hand-painted each and every black and white printed page in an illustrious violet hue of southern vernacular, and youthful wonder.

The way the author writes is just as much of an adventure as the story he tells. The quote below is one instance where great imagery could be found in a single sentence, and it happens to be one of my favorite parts of the book.

“Nobody could have guessed the sweet little old lady in the back seat was stomping curse words into the floor planks of the railway platform ten minutes before.”2

You should read this book before I attempt to quote ALL of it!

There are so many great lines laced with wisdom, beauty, humor, and emotion.  Goodbye, Saturday Night is dimensional and full of character, and I’m talking about the whole book, not just the main personalities. The whole book, the entire cast.

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About The Author

“Thomas Conner, also known as Tom, Tommy, and TC by friends and family, was born in Florida two miles from the Alabama state line. He spent most of his early years living on the Alabama side. He graduated from the University of West Florida in Pensacola with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities. Conner wrote his first novel when he was 12 (which burned in a house fire) and has been writing ever since. He published a family history book in 2000 entitled “The Conners of Conecuh County, Alabama,” and has published several articles. Since 1980 he has resided in Central California’s Big Valley, where he has worked in higher education at a prestigious private university in Student Life. When not writing or working his daytime job, Conner is involved with classic movies, serving on a classic cinema committee and promoting a summer classic movie series.”3


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