Fallen For Death by Veronique Poirier – A Review

Title: Fallen For Death                        

Author: Veronique Poirier

Date Published: February 25, 2017

Pages: 51

Genre: Teen & Young Adult, Horror

“Bryan is fed up of being a Necromancer. All it does is ruin his life.One special spirit appears to him, though, and he knows this one.

Will he be able to help her…
or fall apart?” 1




Fallen For Death is a short story about a young man, Bryan, who can see the dead. Bryan’s unfortunate gift has made him into a sort of beacon to the spirits who cannot cross over.

Overall, this short story was fun to read.

Veronique Poirier’s writing style is a little different than I am used to, but it was a nice change of pace and kept me hooked through the length of the book, I even tried to continue scrolling after the Epilogue. I was hoping for a second encore.

While Fallen For Death has been listed in the horror genre, the horror is mild. There is mention of gore, but extreme details were left out which turned this horror story into something a little more paranormal for me.

If you are up for a short read. I definitely recommend you taking a chance on this one.


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“Hey Everyone!
I’ve started out as an avid reader, searching for ways to become a blogger. After lots of research, I found out Authors actually gifted their books in exchange for reviews. That was one of my happiest day, Free books?!?
After my blog was successful and I had more books than time to read… I wanted to be more. I wanted to create my own stories.
What did I do? I wrote my first Novella “Eyes”. I rewrote that thing 3 times, struggled with my writing, had LOTS of help from an Author friend ” K. L. Cottrell ” who was very patient with me and helped me get where I’m at now. :)” 2

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