What Child Is This?

I posted a very uncharacteristic post recently. The amount of love I received from all of you simply blew me away. I received emails, messages, and a ton of ((hugs)). My post was vague, to say the least. I had the chance to expand my thoughts and feelings with a few of you, and I appreciate you just listening and understanding, you allowed me to decompress and explore the depths of the feelings that were circulating inside of me.

People Suck

That statement is an accurate one. We all know that people suck for various reasons. I have my demons, battles, and struggles, and I know this, I do. I am people, and I suck too. Sometimes I disappoint myself much more than others have, or than I have disappointed others. The real issue isn’t that you suck, or let down others every once in a while; the problem is the constant projection of hate and how people always feed into the drama hate creates. And how they react to it.

Negativity Fuels Hate

Have you ever noticed that when you react out of anger the situation always gets worse? I have and I am sure you have seen how negativity can effectively egnite the engines of hell.

All you have to do is look around you. It is everywhere. All I did was open up my newsfeed on social media. At first there was a wide spread complaint about how everyone using social media was projecting their too happy, and too good to be true moments. People were complaining about the posotivity, telling others that they were lying and faking their own joy. So it happened less and less. When those who found joy in sharing their sweet moments with others started feeling pressured to post real life shit the happy fell away and negativity filtered in. And it won.

(apply that to a grander scale *coughs* polotics, religion, differing opinions etc.)

Not My Child

(what child is this?)

Negativity is not my child, and it certainly is not my emotion. I have been extremely lucky with social media I have such a wonderul group of friends, and an even better following. I feel extremely lucky to have that. I honestly don’t know how I have accomplished something so wonderful. I feel as if I have gained a second family.

I see your Hate, and I raise you Love


I see your negativity and I raise you positivity.

I see your hate, and I will raise you love.

I see your compassion and I will match it.

I see your passion and I will call it

I see your hesitation and I will check it.

I see your incivility and I will fold.

If Life were a game it would be poker.

***(Yes I know there is a game, as well as a cereal called life… but you learn more about people from poker than you do from The Game of Life – … and all you learn from the cereal is how to stay crunchy with milk – true story***










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