Note for My Bookshelf Free Section

Free Books ARE NOT Free!

There are many wonderful authors all over the internet who are offering free digital copies of their books to readers. These books are free of charge, not free of cost.

The books are offered free of charge to readers, but all the same costs that go into creating a literary work of art are still applied; authors still have to pay the editor, the cover designer, the formatter, the proofreaders, and they even have to pay for marketing.

The author, often times, gains little to no return by offering their words for free, unless of course it compells readers to continue reading in a series.

Which is what issued warrant for this note.

Authors give, and give, and give as it is already.

When authors offer a free product they foot all of the bills necesary to deliver a quality product. They pour every ounce of who they are into the words they give to us freely. Authors participate in giveaways, they donate swag to book blogs, and give it away for free at events. Authors do a lot of giving.

Authors do a lot of giving, and receive very little in return.

The very least you can do as a reader is to leave them a short one line review, or simply tag and share when you download a free book. No Joke. It is that easy.

Now that you have read my lecture-y note. Go ahead and get your clicking finger ready.










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