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June 22-24

Title: I Will Catch You 

By:  Kate Squires

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From the author of That Kiss, and That Promise, comes another tale of romance and excitement!
Sydney Baxter likes her independence. She’s strong willed, determined, and well aware that her judgment, pertaining to men, cannot be trusted.
When she meets a very sexy Ryan Underwood, she instantly becomes mesmerized. Unable or unwilling to shake her fascination with him, she sets out on a course that could possibly leave her vulnerable…again.
From uncertainty, to volatile situations, many obstacles stand in the way of her road to happiness, but Sydney’s past is the biggest one.
Is Ryan’s seemingly nice-guy image genuine? Can she trust him, or will he leave her even more damaged? Despite their ups and downs, can Ryan show her he’s not like all the rest?
As the elevator descends, so does my self-esteem. Ryan has seen a part of me I’ve tried so hard to hide from the world. A part of me that I’m so ashamed to admit is still inside me. A part of me which Keith created. And I hate myself for letting it out again. 1 The “Blurb” was borrowed from the I Will Catch You book description on Amazon.com. I Will Catch You  was published by K. Squires in June of 2015, through the Publisher Amazon Digital Services LLC. I received this information online in from the eBook format on Amazon.[\note]

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