I’m going and I don’t know when I will be back.

I don’t know how to start this post, aside from telling you the truth and giving you the facts. This small intro is my way of sugar coating the news I don’t want to deliver.

Book Banshee Will Be On Hiatus

Start Date: Immediately
End Date: Not Quite Sure Yet


I am taking a break from the Book Blog scene, starting today, and I am not sure if or when I will be coming back to it.

As hard as it was to type that sentence, it also comes with a huge weight-of-world-being-lifted-off-my-shoulders sigh of releif. I have my reservations about leaving, but that feeling of respite is a sure sign that I am making the right decision.

Over the last few days, I have taken the time to allow some inflection, and the first thing I noticed was that I am dealing with a significant amount of stress. I am a mom of four, I babysit two days a week, and am actively seeking employment, it is summer and school starts in less than a month, and I run a book blog that consumes about 20 hours a week. I am at a record low for the number of books I have read this year, and my passion for reading is diminishing.

When I realized that reading was no longer enjoyable, it became even apparent that I needed to remove myself from this position.

If you have been gracious enough to send me a book to read, don’t worry, I will be reading and reviewing them in a timely fashion.

To all of you who follow and support the page,


Book Banshee would not be what it is without you, your constant participation, messages, emails. The page grew to be something much bigger than I ever imagined, and I owe that to all of you.

I am sad to be leaving.

Leaving, whether it be permanent or a much needed anti-blogging vacation, as I said I am not quite sure yet on how long I will be gone.

I am sad. I am not worried about leaving the blog, but I am sad because I will be leaving you.

Having said that, I will be leaving both pages up until September 1st, if I haven’t made a decision to come back before then. I will shut both pages down permanently.

Thank you all for being a part of my book blogging journey, and for understanding the reasons I have to put it on pause.








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