GoodReads Reading Challenge 2017 Finale and 2018 Goal


50 Book Goal

Last year (2017) I had set my reading challenge bar at an attainable goal of 50 books for the entire year. When I set this goal I was reading 2-3 books a week, plus beta reading, and proofreading among all the normal day to day things a busy mom of four would endure.  I thought I had my juggling act down pat. Boy was I wrong.

In July of 2017 we had our first appointment with a doctor who practices family medicine.  Long story short our insurance provider changed. We had access to our “old” physicians, but we also had access to many new ones. I researched  new doctors in our network because, well, lets just say I was extremely unhappy with the way the origional pediatrician’s office handled things. The doctors were amazing, but outside of that there was nothing to be desired.  I could go into a dizzying tirade  on how unhappy I was with my children’s pediatric office which in turn trickled down to the way the doctors provided care.

I found a new doctor that we could all see as a family.   It was under our new, and current physician’s care, we discovered our “Little Lamb” is hypoglycemic, and advised that T1D (Type 1 Diabetic) is still a possibility, and to monitor her  glucose, and behavior closely.

This  news had  presidency  over EVERYTHING.  It required 110%  of my time.

Book Banshee and Reading became something I could no longer do. I tried; I also failed.

Reluctantly, and with great sorrow I walked away.  I took a hiatus.

I had to.

It took me 3 months, THREE MONTHS! to finish a book that kept drawing me back in, that I thought about every time I had a free moment. I was half way through the book before life, and the unexpected punched me square in the jaw. Once I came to I picked up right where I left off and finished it one appointment at a time.

Sunlight Girl by  K. L. Cottrell
(↑ That’s the book.)

This book was my anchor for every appointment we’ve had since Book Banshee declared hiatus.



A New Year: A New Reading Goal

After much hmmin’  and not a whole lot of haaa-in’


I will set my goal to read 50 books again this year, and hope that I am able to read well over that.


Did you meet your 2017 goal?

Let me know in the comments what your goal was and how many books you read in 2017.

What’s your 2018 Reading Goal?












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