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Book Banshee is a book blog dedicated helping readers and authors connect.

If you are a reader looking for a new book to read you can peruse the pages and posts for your next 5 Scream read!

If you are an author and you would like to have your books or events displayed on my blog, just send me an email. I am always happy to help.

COMING SOON – books by genre, suggestions (if you liked… you may like…), as well as themed reads ex: if you are looking to read a twisted fairy tale you might check out the twisted fairy tale section. The blog continues to grow every day, there are many ideas in the works, Book Banshee is continuously working on new ideas to provide the best page possible.

Book Banshee is a book blog, but sometimes a few of life’s bloggable moments slip in, along with short paranormal serial shorts that detail the story and origin of a girl who becomes a Book Banshee in The Realm of Atheneum – The Legend of The (Book) Banshee.
Part I can be read right here, right now.


The Legend of the (Book) Banshee Part I

I was screaming at him as loud I could, my throat was raw and dry, and yet no sound came from my mouth. I felt like I was drowning in sand. I tried to move towards him, but my body wouldn’t move. I tried to lift my hands but they were pinned to my sides. I panicked, knowing all too well what kinds of monsters were lurking in the shadows. I took four deep breaths in an attempt to calm my nervous body. Tears and sweat streaked my face as I struggled to free myself from the paralysis.

“Please just run.” I was shocked when a whispered plea freed itself from my mouth. He looked up from the depths of the dark alley, and his eyes met mine with a somewhat quizzical lilt to them. The trash bags just to his left rustled, and he was gone with a shrill cry of my name.


My body convulsed and shook. My eyes fluttered open and light peaked through. I blinked a few times everything was bright and foggy. I swept my hand over my face to brush the fog away. Holy shit, I could move again. I sat up and looked around, I was in my room!

“Aster?” I turned to see my younger sister, Peri with her brow furrowed at me. “Which one was it this time?”

I breathed in a deep, shuttering breath before answering. It was always hard to come out of a recurring dream, they always seemed so real, and they changed every time.

“The ally,” I whispered, testing out my vocal cords.

“You spoke this time,” she said in a matter of fact tone, this time her voice fell to match my whisper.

About The Blogger

Annie A. is a longtime book-lover who has an eclectic taste in books, music, and film.

When Annie isn’t reading, you can find her trying to keep up and stay ahead of her four daughters, volunteering in each of their classrooms and in the school’s library. She also enjoys knitting, photography, gardening, and hanging out with her friends.

Annie’s love for literature lead her to discover her first independently published book and author in 2013, from there she was immediately sucked into the Indie community. While her days as a street team member have come to an end, Annie is still an active member of the community. It wasn’t very long after her street team days that Annie found that she had an incredible knack for noticing errors, initially, she contacted the authors to give them a friendly heads up (something she still does while reading), from there she was asked and started volunteering to beta read for various authors.

Her love for helping others combined with her keen eye helped her finally decide on what she wanted to do when she grew up, aside from being a mom, Annie wants to be an editor when she grows up. That realization led her to pursue a career in that field; starting with schooling geared more towards copy-editing and proofreading.  As she continues to attend school Book Banshee’s sole blogger has continued beta reading, and has taken on a few special projects to prepare and hone her skill set.

There is much more to learn about the blogger behind the posts, but much of that can be found either by interacting with her or by reading the posts she publishes.

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