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One of my favorite ways to discover a new book, or a hundred, is to browse the bookshelves of my friends and family. Although, I may not always find something that calls out to me or fits my fancy in that moment, it is always interesting to see what reads take up residency in my friends’ homes, and on their reading devices.

I am opening my shelf up to you; letting you in to explore the vast depths and uncharted territory that even I am curious to explore.

Below you will find links that will direct you to a specific portion of my shelf.

Areion Fury MC Series by Esther E. Schmidt – 4th of July SALE

99c EBOOK SALE!! This is your chance to dive into “Areion Fury MC” series by Esther E. Schmidt. Book one “Zack” is free on all platforms. Book two “Dams”, and book three “Tyler”, are on #sale right now for 99c each. Be ready for Pokey, book four in this series, releasing within the next two […]

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Teen & YA

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Romantic Comedy

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MC Romance

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Romantic Comedy: New Adult & College

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 WARNING: Please double check the pricing before you one-click! This section of ‘My Shelf‘ is different from the rest, it comes with a warning, as well as a note.  I read (and collect) a very wide range of books. Please make sure that the book is a good fit for your reading preferences, you can […]

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Romance ♥ Anthologies

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Sports Romance

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UPDATE 6/11/2017

I really hate this graphic.wanna touch my shelf header for book banshee page

I need to change it.

(this is how I remind myself of the changes I would like to make)


Change Log:


I  have shelf links!

I have only added about 40 books to this section; there is still so much more to come.

I want to get rid of those pesky share buttons, but I think that is a CSS issue that I am not quite technically willing to handle at the moment.

I will continue adding to this page as I continue to add to and organize my book shelf. This is a fairly time consuming process, and I hope to have updates at least once a month.

Thank you all for your continued patience and your support.


The ‘pesky’ share buttons have been removed, new books have been added to most available categories, new categories are building and growing. A new image will be added soon, in the meantime I have added this new image as a space filler because the old one was a headache inducing eyesore.