Writing Prompts on Wednesday

Writing Prompts on Wednesday is a NEW Book Banshee feature where you can find ideas to get your creativity serum pumping through your brain, down to your fingertips and onto your screen.

If you do not enjoy writing maybe you will enjoy Book Banshee’s spin on WPoW – Maybe even some of your favorite authors want to contribute.

My vision in how this will work is that this week I will post a writing prompt and on the following Wednesday the end result of the week before will be posted along with a new WPoW. Sounds good in theory, let’s see how great it works applied.

If you would like to have your version of the prompt added to the page, see this is where things can be fun, the more participation the better the outcome just Contact Us.

The best part is you don’t have to be an author or even a “good” writer. These exercises will improve our writing and give us some of that creative mojo we all crave.